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Some New Data

I’ve managed to pull in some additional data that will show up in all new reports. There are over 4000 homes that are currently listed with the same MLS number that they had on March 9th which was the original day of that my information shows up. For these listings I will now be able to show the real starting date of the listing along with any price changes before March 9th for the MLS number.  This will not include information from before March 9th on a different MLS number for the same property but it should still be helpful.

So, for example, here is a scenario showing how the new information works for a 1234 Main Street property:

June 1, 2011 MLS# 123456  Listed for $1.2 million

September 1, 2011 MLS# 123456 Listed for $1.1 million

October 1, 2011 listing removed

December 1, 2011 MLS# 123457 Listed for $1.0 million

February 1, 2012 MLS# 123457 Listed for $900K

March 1, 2012 MLS# 123457 Listed for $800K

April 1, 2012 MLS# 123457 Listed for $700K

Currently on VancouverPriceDrop.Wordpress.Com we would see 1234 Main Street Listed on March 9th and Dropped to $700K on April 1.  With the new data we would see 1234 Main Street Listed December 1 and dropped 3 times since then. We would still lose all the information from before December 1st since it is under a different and unavailable MLS number but you can see we have added some useful historical info.



3 responses to “Some New Data

  1. two July 27, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    Love this website. keep up the great work. I’d like to see one of the local news papers or equivalent do a story on your findings.

  2. curioustoo July 29, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    Hey. Great job! so what is the source of these sale transactions, without becoming a realtor?

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